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    A Quick Morning Workout – For Beginners.

    Before I shower I… WARM UP x 20 Star Jumps – A physical jumping exercise performed by jumping to a position with the legs spread wide and the hands touching overhead, sometimes in a clap, and then returning to a position with the feet together and the arms at the sides. Benefits- Great warm up exercise, gets your blood pumping around your body, promotes a healthy heart,   THE ‘QUICK’ WORKOUT x5 Push Ups – A push-up is a common calisthenics exercise beginning from the prone position, or the front leaning rest position known in the military. Benefits – Builds upper body strength, strengthens lower back and core.  x16 Lunges…

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    31 Health Habits – For A Better Life.

    Take this moment to just sit for a second (Well, that’s if you’re not already sitting. Lol). Relax and breath, Now take a look at you life over the last few months and ask yourself, Are you happy with what you’re thinking of? Is there something you would like to change? Now forget it all. You are not who you were yesterday, you are who you are today and the decisions you make right now! are the decisions that will affect who you are tomorrow. Your past is the past and you can leave it there is you choose too. “Some rules are nothing but old habits that people are…

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    15 Self Care Tips – Ideal For Bad Days

    Sometimes we ‘humans’ just wake up frustrated at the world and everything that is in it, so here are 15 self care tips that will help you to better yourself and bring you back from 0 to 100, real quick! 1.Take a bubble bath – This is always a good way to think about life and what you’ve done or what you can do better. 2. Read a good book – To get those mind juices flowing. 3. Read a personal development book – sometimes self motivation is not enough, but you don’t know how to ask for help….you don’t need too! The personal development book is your personal elf.…