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    Self Love: 35 Inspirational Quotes

    It is easy to become belittled by your own thoughts before anyone else can lower your self-esteem, whether it through their words or maybe even their actions towards you. Over time I have grown to understand just how important it is to love yourself unconditionally. This means without limitations and love without conditions. Loving yourself completely! both inside and out. This is a type of love that not only includes loving your outer appearances but also your flaws. Your mistakes. Your regrets. The good, the bad and the ugly. these this take time and it is not easy to do which ‘I especially’ can understand. Your mind is your own…

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    No Make-up, Make-up.

    Believe it or not, roughly about 2 years ago, I was that girl. The type of girl that couldn’t leave the house without it. The girl that would run to the bathroom every time she had a surprise visit. I unnaturally fell the need to wear make-up everywhere and anywhere to feel the slightest of beauty, making it a necessity rather then a want. It took me a while with the push of family and friends to get me to look at my refection differently. From a young age I’ve had the same repetitive (facial) skin problem. Why wouldn’t my human finger turn into a virtual rubber to rid these…