15 Self Care Tips – Ideal For Bad Days

Sometimes we ‘humans’ just wake up frustrated at the world and everything that is in it, so here are 15 self care tips that will help you to better yourself and bring you back from 0 to 100, real quick!

1.Take a bubble bath – This is always a good way to think about life and what you’ve done or what you can do better.

2. Read a good book – To get those mind juices flowing.

3. Read a personal development book – sometimes self motivation is not enough, but you don’t know how to ask for help….you don’t need too! The personal development book is your personal elf. (this is not a promotional tactic lol)

4. Listen to some motivational videos – you’d be surprised at the result in hearing someone push you when you feel you cant do it.

5. Have a solo dance party – music and dance, need I say more?

6. List things your grateful for, realising what you have, is more than what you thought you had, can make you feel appreciative for the life you live.

7. Stargaze/watch the clouds – its just like watching the view from a 9 story apartment, the sunsetting on the horizon as the warm beams glide across your face on a chilled autumn evening.

8. Unplug from technology for an hour – seems like a little bit of time, but in this new age society it is a lot.

9. Wear your pajamas – comfort is one of my best friends, what about yours?

10. Drink water – It’s not a cocktail but it does have its benefits!

11. Take 3 deep breaths.

12. Cry – (on purpose).

13. Smile in a mirror.

14. Pray – Tell God a secret that you feel like you can’t tell anyone else.

15. Watch something funny. My teacher used to call it Dr. Giggles, a cure to any of my child hood troubles!

“Beneath the rust and grime which dulls the shine of our weathered hearts, joy patiently waits to be rediscovered”

John Mark Green

Signed, Ramsay x

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