A Simple Cliche – 22 Lessons In 22 Years.


1. Stop comparing yourself to others, it only hurts you in the end.

2. Self love is essential.

3. Never settle. You ALWAYS have a choice.

4. Read. Keep learning, then apply what you’ve learnt.

5. Embrace rejection. (Don’t postpone joy.)

6. Empowered women, empower other women.

7. We attract what we believe, and it’s necessary to believe in yourself.

8. Just do it. Do what you believe in.

9. Sleep.

10. Remember to enjoy life and have fun.

11. There’s no one size fits all.

12. Not everyone is going to like you.

13. Stop worrying! If it’s meant to be ….it will be.

14. Don’t ever give up.

15. Be grateful, don’t take anyone or anything for granted.

16. Change is always possible.

17. Respect is earned, not given!

18. You are what you eat. (Don’t take this statement lightly).

19. You can’t control what others feel about you or their reactions towards you.

20. You need to put in the work to gain results.

21. “If they put you on a pedal stool, they can take you off”.

22. Make peace with your past.

23. Bonus – Give it GOD. He’ll answer.

xoxo Kiss&Tell


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