18 Going On 22

Time machine please!

Have I missed something? It really does not feel like I’ve been on this earth for 18 years, much less to 22. A. Whole. 22. It’s almost like I’ve blinked at young and opened my eyes at old. I know that’s an exaggeration, don’t ‘@’ me! However, time truly fly’s. They say, “with age comes wisdom” but, with age comes wrinkles and bags! not just the ones under your eyes but the bags or baggage created by yourself and the people you’ll meet, the ones you grow to love and some that unfortunately disappear. I don’t really know how to be happy about that.

Imagine, I am low-key hoping that as I write this blog post I will somehow be enlightened, as if I will be granted knowledge about the key to long life and prosperity. Forever young! Right!. Of course there are ways to help yourself look younger but time doesn’t stop for anyone.

I got to thinking, if I was given a chance to choose an age, a perfect age through my eyes. I would defiantly say 16. Well we all know I’m about to give a reason… It was a time in my life where my teenage life was at its peek. I wasn’t too young to make decisions but I also wasn’t old enough to have responsibilities. I repeat. No responsibilities. Take me back. back a couple of years to re-live some moments, the moments that built and gradually sculpted me into the person I am today, but, please don’t leave me there!. I was too young to truly know myself. I’ve grown so much as a person and learnt countless lessons so far in life. I have so much more to learn and I cant wait to see how my life turns out because I know it’s going to be great! Truth be told, I have so much dreams and goals I’ve planed to achieve. But, without age there is no growth and without growth there’s nothing new to learn so with that being said I wouldn’t be the person I am today, the type of lady who is proud of who she is. Who she has become. And who she plans to be.

No love lost to 18! but, I definitely want to be 22. Yes, with age does come wisdom, and bags, and bills and responsibilities and pressure and flab, need I say more? but, with it comes, knowledge, intelligence and the platform for your own independence.

xoxo Kiss&Tell

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