My Pamper Routine Summer 2018.

Have you ever just needed one of those days; the type of day to just let loose and relax.  ‘I know I definitely have’.  Weather its been a stressful week, just too busy to pay attention to  the beauty details or just want a day to pamper yourself. This would be a great guide line for you…

To kick start my pamper routine I tend to organise and clean to help me de-stress and relax.  I also like to light candles and sprinkle fresh smelling oils all over my room.  Told you, I adore a fruity smell.  A clean space = A clear mind.

Bath time! As you know, bath time is something I look forward to. ——-> 10 Things That Make Me Happy.  This would be the perfect time to go all out; I mean do the most, do it all… like the whole sha-bang!.

1. Run the bath- The first and most important thing on the agenda. It’s summer right now, so I tend to run the water at a cooler temperature…  As I naturally prefer the alive option, rather than the boiled one.  However, I make sure its still warm enough to relax my muscles and open my pores.  In the bath…

  • I add either a bath bomb or bath salts. maybe even both if I want to be extra.
  • For my bubbles I use a baby bubble bath.  It’s extra bubbly.
  • I’m a sucker for rose petals in my bath water, not only does it make me feel good, but it also makes the bath look really pretty and elegant.
  • This is the point where I start to light my candles and gather all my bath products into the bathroom ie. my bath towel, shower gels, scrubs etc…

2. Next.  I prep my face –

  • I start off by washing my face with plain water over and over with just some clean warm/hot water on a rag to begin.  This opens my facial pores.
  • I brush my teeth.  Once cleaned and flossed, I apply a teeth whitening strip of choice, following the instructions on the product.
  • I then apply a face mask onto a slightly damp face allowing the mask to sit on my face whist laying in the bath tub.

3. Bath time! – I’m literally singing ‘bath time’ as I type.  Wired is an understatement. Anyway, while in the bath, I scrub with an exfoliating glove, shave and massage my skin. I also clean under my nails, both fingers and toes and push back all cuticles.  This roughly takes up to about 20 minutes.  After a luxurious down bath, I’ll let the bath water flow down the drain.  I turn on my shower head, wash my body and face with the well known black soap.. #lifesaver.  I then remove the whitening strips from my teeth and rinse my mouth; not forgetting behind my ears too.

4. Post shower – Coming out of the shower I feel so relaxed, I could fall asleep standing. Nevertheless, I clean my ears and nose with cotton buds, pluck eye brows and gently exfoliate my lips with a sugar scrub, leaving my lips ‘baby butt’ soft.

  • I apply face cream first with a serum if necessary and I vaseline my lips.
  • Lotion my full body making sure my knees and elbows are well moisturized. I apply an oil all over my skin too… (ashy is not classy)
  • One of the last things I do before I get dressed is to apply underarm deodorant and perfume/body-mist.

5. Getting dressed (ugh!) – Usually only a robe, letting everything breath.

6. Finally, depending on my hair style I’ll moisturise and seal my hair, giving my head a massage, helping to stimulate growth.

There’s nothing else to it really, apart from turning on a movie and climbing into bed in order to create ‘surround serenity’ and relaxation.

xoxo kiss&tell



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