10 Things That Make Me Happy.

1. Positive & Friendly Company – People I Love and make me genuinely happy #Squad #Family. Being around them is one of the most common feelings of happiness. The type of friends that make you smile or laugh until your guts hurt, nothing much like it.

2. Music – A form of escape. That stress relieved feeling I get when I’m listening to my favourite songs, sometimes letting the words and the melody create a world of smiles and happy emotions. Almost like being transported back into a memory or an emotion once again. “music is what feelings sound like – Georgia Cates

3. Dancing Alone – Have you ever put in your headphones and lost your self for a moment in the beat or rhythm of a ‘tuneeee’ making your body move in ways you didn’t know it could, That nonjudgmental, free and comfortable like pleasure. I have. Feels booty bouncing great.

4. Daydreaming about a crush- A kiss, A hug, A touch. Yes, believe it or not, I know its just a dream but, it’s amazing how a dream can make you feel. Nearly, if not all women have been through it. Right!

5. Sunsets – Being one of the luckiest people in the world, I happily own a bedroom window that allows me to sit and watch countless sunsets day by day, leaving an aura of peace every single time one appears. The best and most colourfully pleasing sunsets tend to fall better when its sunny in the day. Theirs just something about a sunset, they just create feelings I can’t explain!.

6. Relaxation time – For me, it’s called bath time. Running warm temperatures of water into a tub full of petals, salts and bath gels creating tiny scented bubbles of joy. Alongside candles, music and maybe even a book. Serenity at it’s finest.

7. Autumn- Anyone that knows me knows that autumn has to be hands-down my favourite season of all. The frosty warm feel of the air. The crackling sound of coloured leaves with smells of pumpkin and hot chocolate. Its physically impossible for me to withhold a smile.

8. Socks! – Who else? what can I say, I’m a sucker for comfort.

9. Fruity smells- Had to be one of the most enlightening feelings. Fresh! I’ll take a fruity body mist over a perfume any day.

10. God. – Finally, nothing can even touch the rim of this one. For me, nothing can beat having a relationship with God. 1 John 4:19, We love because He first loved us.

xoxo Kiss&Tell

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