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    10 Things That Make Me Happy.

    1. Positive & Friendly Company – People I Love and make me genuinely happy #Squad #Family. Being around them is one of the most common feelings of happiness. The type of friends that make you smile or laugh until your guts hurt, nothing much like it. 2. Music – A form of escape. That stress relieved feeling I get when I’m listening to my favourite songs, sometimes letting the words and the melody create a world of smiles and happy emotions. Almost like being transported back into a memory or an emotion once again. “music is what feelings sound like – Georgia Cates 3. Dancing Alone – Have you ever…

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    Letter To Self

    Dear, You Hey baby girl, I felt like you were slowly losing your way. But now… you’re taking a leap of faith and pushing yourself to do something you’ve feared for a while now.  No overthinking, no rain checks and no disbelief. This blog post will be the first of many, so I thought this would be the perfect time to write a letter to you, otherwise being me. I want to dig deep into your feelings and address somethings I’ve seen in you lately. The good and the bad. One day you will look back at your life and see the changes you are trying so hard to make.…